Innovation is too
important to be
left to chance.

In the rapidly changing world, businesses are ill equipped to navigate the volatile markets and uncertain futures. The processes and structures established for creating success prevent them from innovating. Moreover, the ambiguity and complexity associated with innovations act as a barrier to comfortably manage it.

Businesses need to 'Rethink' and 'Redesign' their approach to compete in the ever-changing market and be able to accelerate their growth. By empowering teams with right tools, methods, and processes I enable them to build effective strategies, and instill an innovative culture that is customer-centered and future-proof.

Accelerating business growth through design-driven innovation.

Operating at higher levels of uncertainty and ambiguity, I draw on my experiences to combine the lean philosopy of startups, with insightful innovation framework to help businesses leverage creativity into value - faster and better than in the past.

Executing design thinking at the strategic levels I map different opportunities and design transformational strategies to guide organisations in managing innovation and new business developments. Taking a multi-disciplinary approach I enable teams to integrate their insights and bring together their different capabilities to move faster from concept to market success.

Strategic Transformation

Maximising the innovation potential of an organisation and its ability to cater to the immediate needs and the future.

Business Design

Building effective strategies to discover unmet needs, validate potential solutions, and accelerate the business to success.

Product Service Innovation

Develop meaningful products and experiential services grounded in user desirability, business viability, and technology feasibility.

Thinking ahead and into future.

Recent trends are disrupting industries, and even forcing the market leaders to rethink their future and how they innovate. By identifying and removing any potential risks and associated barriers, it is possible to iterate and shape an innovation strategy that allows businesses to think ahead and make decisions to invest better and execute faster.

Cocreating strategic value.

To succeed teams need to identify the right problems to address, rapidly validate their ideas, and overcome any adoption barriers. Through co-creation workshops teams gain insights into the hearts and minds of their customers and align their investments to meet their current and future demands.

Blueprint to innovate.

Using a structured framework businesses can take a focused approach to assess their capabilities, diagnose their culture, shape their mission, design an actionable blueprint, and execute the plan to build a focused innovation portfolio that has the most impact on your business.

How I Work


The value of the solutions lie in the importance and the worth of solving the problem. Integrating design thinking with lean approach, I enable teams to rapidly validate ideas and accelerate their innovation journey from problems to market success.


Problem Fit

Meaningful innovation starts with finding problems, evaluating them, identifying the different stakeholders involved and validating their needs.


Solution Fit

Bringing the people from various parts of the value chain together to solve real problems it becomes possible to co-create value and create real business impact.


Strategic Fit

Business impact can be obtained by focusing on what really matters - equipping right people with right tools to solve right problems.



Accelerate market traction through an evidence based approach, and explore non-obvious ways to create, deliver, and capture value.

Clients & Partners


I empower innovation teams and accelerate multi-national companies to look into the future and enable them to redefine their perspectives.

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No two companies needs are the same. That's why I customize services on the need basis for each startup and any multi-nationals around the globe. Contact me to discuss how we can together find the right package to meet your needs. No strings attached.

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